CPC Services

The following services are available at most Commonwealth Primary Care locations:
Complete Physical Exams

Examination, review and assessment of the major systems of the body.

Sports/School Exams

Examination, review and assessment of the body systems to provide clearance for sports activities or school entrance.

Women’s Health

Examination, review and assessment of female reproductive health to include fitness and nutrition.

Work Physical Exams

Examination, review and assessment of the major body systems for the purpose of providing clearance based on specific employer requirements.

DOT Physical Exams

Examination, review and assessment of the major body systems for the purpose of providing clearance according to guidelines provided by the Department of Transportation.

Smoking Cessation

Treatment and support to aid in the discontinuation of tobacco use.

Family Planning

Counseling and assisting patients with their personal goals regarding reproduction.


Planning and coordinating care for Seniors to improve quality of life.

Adolescent Medicine

Focus on care specific to the adolescent years.

Sports Medicine

Management and prevention of sports related injuries.

Management of Chronic Health Conditions

Management and treatment for conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension and High  Cholesterol/Triglycerides.

Preventive Healthcare

Flu Shots for the prevention of the Flu Virus, Immunizations, Annual Wellness Exams, Annual Physicals.


Vaccinations to help protect against many common diseases.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Treatment of minor lacerations, wart/mole removal, vein injections, skin tag removal and other minor procedures.

X-Ray Services

Plain view x-rays to include chest, extremity,  spinal, and many others.

DEXA Scans

A bone scan performed to measure bone mineral density to aid in the prevention, management and treatment of Osteopenia and  Osteoporosis.


Imaging that uses high frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body such as heart, blood vessels, kidney or liver.

Laboratory Services

Phlebotomy (blood drawing) services and comprehensive laboratory testing.

Weight Management

Diet alternatives and exercise recommendations to help maintain or manage a healthy lifestyle. 

Clinical Research

Opportunity to participate in various clinical trials and studies to help improve disease understanding, treatments, and symptom management.

Diabetes Education

Comprehensive diabetes self-management education, scheduled by appointment with a dedicated Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator.



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