Arpita Aggarwal, MD

Commonwealth Primary Care – Wyndham
5360 Twin Hickory Road
Glen Allen, VA 23059


  • Undergraduate: Kailash Chandra Memorial School, India, 1990,
  • Graduate: Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, Kyrgyzstan, CIS, 1998
  • Masters: Boston University School of Public Health, 2006
  • Residency: University of Connecticut School of Medicine – Internal Medicine, 2003
    Boston University School of Medicine – Preventative Medicine, 2006
  • Fellowships: Boston University School of Medicine – Department of Internal Medicine,Women’s Health, 2006

Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Gradutates
Board Certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine

Professional Organizations:
American College of Physicians, Medical Society of Virginia, Society of General Internal Medicine

Personal Interests:

Publications Abstract/Articles:
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